Floating Therapy Guidelines

Float F.A.Q
Q: Do I need to bring anything?
Q: Do I have to shower before and after floating?
Q: When can't I float?
Q: What if I'm claustrophobic?
Q: Is it dangerous to sleep in the tank?
Q: Can I Float if I am Pregnant?
Q: How are the tanks kept clean?
Q: Is the tank air tight?
Q: What if I get the salt/water in my eyes
Q: Can I float if I am menstruating?
Q: Can I bring a friend?
Q: What is a float tank exactly?
Q: How much salt is in each tank?
Q: Are there any weight restrictions?
Q: Is there anything I shouldn't do before I float?
Q: Can I wear a bathing suit?
Q: Do children use the tank? What is their response?
Q: What if nothing happens?
Q: Who should float?
Q: Do I need to float more than once?
Q: Why should I float?