Flotation Therapy

Arrive 5 minutes early if it’s your first float and check in, all you have to bring is yourself. We provide towels, robes, natural body wash & shampoo, earplugs, conditioner, a blow dryer and anything else you may need. We'll go over everything with you and answer any questions you may have.
Use the restroom, remove makeup, shower (using soap & shampoo only), head back to your room with all of your belongings, put in earplugs and then step into the tank with out anything on. That's right-you float in the nude.
You can experiment with the best body position for you. For example, you can try having your hands up by your ears, on your chest, or along your sides. If you have tension in your neck you can relieve it by clasping your hands behind your head, or using the half noodle on top of your tank. AND of course, it goes without saying, but no bodily fluids in the tanks, no spitting, no mucus, please help us keep it all clean. (It’s $500 of epsom salt if we have to drain a tank, and more than a day to dissolve and warm up new solution. What a waste!)
When your time is up, gentle music will play in your tank. When ready, sit up and open the door. Hold on to the bars as it will be slippery. Stand up and gently wipe off as much salt and water off your body with your hands before getting out of the tank to keep as much salt and water in the tank, and not on the floor. Exit the tank and dry your body with the towel provided and put on the slippers. Grab all of your belongings and head to the shower to rinse off any excess salt from your body, get dressed and if you need to get ready, apply makeup or do your hair, please use the bathroom located near the front desk so we can keep other appointments on schedule.
Enjoy your post-float glow! Have some water/hot tea or write in the float notes book in our chill area if you'd like.
To make everything less stressful on you (and to make sure you get your full time in the tank), please arrive 5 minutes early for your float and always plan for traffic. Be sure to use the restroom before your first shower to avoid any discomfort during your float.
Please respect that this is a quiet zone. Use soft voices and ensure your cell phone is either off or turned to silent mode.
Please keep your pre & post-float showers to 5-minutes each. This helps conserve water and keeps our floats on schedule.
We don't recommend shaving or waxing the same day of your float as your skin will sting for a bit from the saltwater.
Avoid drinking coffee or anything else with caffeine the day of your float. It tends to make it difficult to relax.
We recommend eating an hour before your float, and keep it clean. This will help avoid hearing loud digestive or hunger noises during your float.
If you wear contacts, remove them or bring your case.(We have saline)You do not want to float with contacts in.
If you've recently dyed your hair, you must wait 7-10 days before you float as the dye has an effect on our water and towels.
We recommend waiting 2 weeks after getting a tattoo or piercing before you float to avoid any discomfort from the salt water.