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Float F.A.Q

Q: Do I need to bring anything?
A: Nope, just yourself. Towels, robes, earplugs, shower toiletries and everything else you need is provided. 

Q: Do I have to shower before and after floating?
A: Yes. To extend the life of the filtration system and to keep the water as clean as possible, showering beforehand is extremely important. Please do not shower at home before your appointment as you will be required to shower here.  Using the shower afterwards is also suggested to remove the coating of Epsom salt that is left on the skin and hair.

Q: When can't I float?
A: We will not allow you to float if you have any of the following conditions:
Infectious skin or respiratory disorders
Open wounds
Epilepsy or serious mental conditions NOT under doctors control
A high-risk pregnancy or if you're in the 1st trimester

Have colored or permed your hair within 7 days
Under the influence of any drugs or alcohol
Under 18 without parental presence
We expect you to inform us of any conditions for your own safety and the safety of other floaters! We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time.

Q: What if I'm claustrophobic?
A: People with claustrophobia consistently report no problems with floating. You're always in control of your environment and the tanks are a nice size(4 feet wide X 7.5 feet long) with an easily accessible door. You can also wedge the small towel provided in the sort for some air flow. 

Q:  Is it dangerous to sleep in the tank?
A: No. In fact many people safely fall asleep in the tank as a result of being so relaxed. Even those who say they never sleep on their backs in bed, do so very easily in the tank. People may think it is unsafe due to the fear of rolling over. But because of the solutions density, it is very difficult to turn over. If this were ever to happen the salinity of the water would irritate the eyes and nose- immediately waking the floater.

Q: Can I Float if I am Pregnant? 
A: Yes, women within their second and third trimesters and only after clearance from their physicians or midwives. Pregnant woman probably get more relief from floating than most people. The extra weight carried by the mother-to-be can be very stressful due to the forces of gravity. Floating eliminates the negative effects of gravity which can cause joint pain, inflammation, and stress on the organs as well as the unborn baby.

Pregnant woman have also reported a reduction of erratic movements of the baby inside the womb. This is due to a phenomenon called the “mirror effect”. The baby is safe and secure inside the womb and the mother shares a similar experience in the warm isolation tank. Woman report a stronger connection with their baby when exposed to this environment.

Q: How are the tanks kept clean?
A: There is over 1000 pounds of USP grade Epsom salt dissolved each tank. The solution is so high in salt that no living microorganism can survive. After each session, the entire volume of the solution is filtered through a 3 part filtration and sterilization system 5 times utilizing Ultra Violet light and H2O2, which is an oxidizer that will kill any bacteria, viruses, fungi and algae, and is NOT a carcinogen, so it won't hurt you!  UV is the safest, most effective system available. It maintains the water’s soft, clean, and crystal clear appearance. We also use natural enzymes. In addition all clients are required to shower and be 100% clean prior to entering the tank.

Q:  Is the tank air tight?
A: No. Air enters through 2 vent holes in the back of the tank which keeps oxygen circulating.

Q: What if I get the salt/water in my eyes
A: If you get any salt water in your eyes you will be uncomfortable for a few minutes. To avoid getting drips of salt water in your eyes, push your hair back on your forehead when you change from lying down to sitting up. Also keep your salty hands away from your eyes. If you do happen to get salt in your eyes open the hatch and use the water rinse & towel to wipe your eyes.

If you have cuts or scratches or have recently shaved, there may be stinging for several minutes unless you put a coat of vaseline over it after the shower before getting into the tank. 

Q: Can I float if I am menstruating? 
A: No 

Q: Can I bring a friend?
A: Absolutely! You can't float together(that would be weird) but we do have 2 tanks and you can float at the same time if you call ahead to book your appointments or easily schedule online.

Q: What is a float tank exactly? 

A: A Float Tank is a lightless, soundproof tank inside which people float in salt water at skin temperature (93.5 degrees F.) They were first used by John C. Lilly in 1954 to test the effects of sensory deprivation on the mind. In current tanks, a solution of epsom salt is used to increase water density which means you float. The user floats on their back with the face above the water, and the ears are submerged when the subject is in a relaxed position. Hearing is therefore greatly reduced, particularly when using ear-plugs as protection against the salt water. When the arms float to the side, skin sensation is greatly reduced because the air and water are the same temperature as the skin, and the feeling of a body boundary fades. The sense of smell is also greatly reduced and all your stress just melts away. These tanks are 7.5 feet long and 4.6 feet wide so they're very roomy and comfortable inside. 

Q: How much salt is in each tank? 
A: There is approximately 1000 pounds of USP Grade Epsom salt in each tank. 

Q: Are there any weight restrictions?
A: No. As long as you can safely get in the tank, you are safe to float.

Q: Is there anything I shouldn't do before I float?
A: It's best to not be hungry or very full before floating, somewhere in the middle is just right. As you do not want to feel or hear your stomach in the floatation tank. Do not wear contact lenses; we provide contact saline solution and cases if you need to take them out. Do not drink caffeine; Do not shave the morning before your float; men can shave their faces as they are not submerged in the salt water but the salt water will sting shaved legs, heads, armpits or anywhere else on the body besides the face.

Q: Can I wear a bathing suit?
A: No, you go totally nude because a bathing suit is distracting. A swim suit touching your skin is sensory input that can take away from the experience. Besides being distracting, bathing suits harbor bacteria. You are alone in the float room and will have total privacy so don't worry! 

Q: Do children use the tank? What is their response?
A: Yes, although there is little documentation of their responses. Children have found it easier to dismiss their fears of being in a dark, enclosed space after only a few sessions of float therapy. Further research is being conducted on autistic children and the affects of Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy (REST). It seems that sensory deprivation provokes positive changes in learning, social behavior, and cognitive function in autistic children.​ At TANK'd we have had kiddos as young as 11 use the tanks. :)

Q: What if nothing happens?
In this age of instant gratification and mult-tasking it can be very difficult to not put expectations on everything that we do.  We suggest that you approach your float with compassionate curiosity and allow yourself to simply be in the moment.  Know that whatever your experience, your body is receiving the benefits of deep relaxation and everyone’s float is different.

Q: Who should float?
A: Everyone!!  Kids, Professional Athletes, Artists/creative thinkers, those practicing MMA, Crossfitters, expecting mothers, practitioners of Meditation, people suffering from Anxiety, people with Fibromyalgia or PTSD, Police Officers, house wives/husbands, spiritual seekers, anyone with a high stress job or those that want to expand their consciousness.

Q: Do I need to float more than once?
A: Yes, if you want to make use of floating’s full potential. Most users understand floating’s benefits after the 3rd or 4th float. Those who see it after the first time are immediately hooked.

Q: Why should I float?
A: The benefits of floating are numerous. Flotation tank therapy is highly beneficial for muscle tension relief, joint pain relief and body alignment in addition to the many mental, spiritual and creative benefits. Meditation, stress/anxiety relief, creative thinking and improved focus are some of the many uses for floatation tank therapy. Check out the video below for Joe Rogan's take on floating then come find out for yourself!